An African Thunderstorm


The wind seemed to be in constant battle with the helpless trees, it roared in muffled tones, announcing the coming of the rain. Oba Lanla paced his royal chamber with reluctant ease. The wooden themed room was plunged into soft darkness, mirroring the clouds.
He gazed at the window and sharply turned to his new bride on the feather bed, unabashed he strolled to her as thunder clapped. ” Shade the weather mirrors my matrimonial lust, there’s a thunderstorm in my groins, let your love calm this raging storm…” he fingered the long strands of her black hair as she bated her eyelids down coyly. He disrobed her slowly, starring at the beads on her waist as lighting struck swiftly.-Omolola
Her round back was seen leaving the bar. Her buttocks left together, cheek in cheek causing Bade’s heart to thump against his chest.

Her dark skin shined radiantly like the stars glitter in the dark clouds. He thought she was the definition of African. And so he followed her through the door moving in synchorony to her careful seductive steps.

Tempted in more ways than one, as if hypothesized. He reached over to grab softly a butt cheek, just one. So, as his hand reached its destination, thunder followed in a stormy swing of her palm and landed on his face.

He woke up from the daze and says, “shall we call you An African Thunderstorm?”-Hybrid
Titi had just returned from the farm in high spirits. Today was different for her because her husband who’s been away since the outbreak of malaria in Kali village was returning home. She kept singing a welcome song, interchanging notes and annoying melodies as she spoke of love, life, gifts, ceremony and how she couldn’t wait to see him.

Afternoon slipped away and evening paraded its curves, increasing her color with every step. Then she brought a knock on the door. Muyiwa’s father was here to see Titi’s mother. Titi hurried out of her room to meet who was at the door but she was stopped dead in her tracks when she saw what he held in his hand.

That night, the storm fell from her eyes, drowning her and her siblings, burying the mud house beneath the earth, leaving the loudness of the village silent.-Leon
One Saturday, i decided to pay my boyfriend a surprise visit. He wasn’t home so i decided to wait for him by the porch. Minutes passed and i thought i heard weird noises, so i put my ear by the door nob, and then I heard her voice. I tore out of there in a flash before i saw the clouds. I was furious, but so was Sango.

I took the path by the seminary so i could get home quickly, halfway through i felt a light pat on my skin. I creamed it and tentatively increased my steps then came the angry roars as it lashed out all it’s fury on me. I sought solace in a nearby shade, but the rain mated with the wind, like Ahab and Jezebel.

As they climaxed, they came mockingly all over my body. I screamed at its rashness and harshness upon my skin as i hugged my shaking body and pressed my chattering and clattering teeth together. But the storm outside was nothing compared to the tornado going on in my mind. As every misery was drowned by the tethering rain. –Vera
It was the day of the dark and the people gathered their hopes in their mouths. From where I laid, I perceived the one thing that infects humanity faster than any virus since the world was – fear.

The mosquitoes were on recession, I’m sure they were having a meeting about what place to relocate, so were the crickets and cockroaches. Today was the day we would know gods lived with us. I sat there in the dark sipping a glass full of fear.

Then in a spin of time, I didn’t know what just happened, I saw the sun follow a path through my reflecting window, there was wind like laughter and air like smile. I ran out of the bed to the room where my siblings were “did the bomb really explode yesterday night?” – Rudolph
The political clouds were gathering. Stones kept flying back and forth the glass house in a fierce blame game. Orchestrated breeze threatening to blow open the fowl’s ‘nyash’. Reason had been long jettisoned.

“I will make life better for all and it will no longer be business as usual” Kachalla kept saying again and again, like a very short song on replay and it seemed to have strung the right note in the people’s hearts.
The incumbent, Mr Flawed, on the other hand seemed to be solaced in the comfort and the might of the places.

All cards played, ponds sacrificed, a few knights and rouges lost and the game won, now the clouds are matured, the storms are raging, market prices are lightening. The storm still rising. Tee2emm
There was a knock on the door and a reply came. “Yes!How may I help you?,” she said while opening the door to reveal her protruded stomach. “Good day Mrs Smith, your husband sent me,” he said. “Mmm… my husband?”, she stammered with her eyes bulging out of their sockets. “Yes ma’am. May I come in?” “Sure, please do,” she offered as she gestured to him to enter.

“How is my husband and where is he? You said he sent you to me?”,she continued. “Yes,ma’am. He is fine. He asked me to bring you these papers so you could sign them,” he said as he brings out the heap of papers and places them on the table. She goes through the papers and after a while exclaims; “what is this?” She angrily tears the papers to shreds and asks the man to go back and tell the husband that that is her response to the documents.

As she sat in the Rose garden, her eyes welled up with tears as she reminisce how she met Smith. His eyes sparkled like lightening, his voice thundered like hungry lions roaring, causing a tsunami inside her which she couldn’t contain as she blushed different shades of crimson.
“I must fight for this love we share” she affirmed. “I can’t be divorced.”-Hijab Gurl.

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