“Tomorrow never forgives today’s mistake, plough today, you may be lucky to have her cake.” -Thomas Bot

“Motivation is like riding a bike, pedaling backwards would slow to give the fastest speed.”- Leonell Echa

‘Like all natural force, motivation is the source of boundless misery, or abundant glory.’- David ‘OracLe’ Onotu

“Doubt is the vehicle of dismay, but if you may, faith will pave your way.” – Oluwadamilola Agboola

“Till your lawn before dawn, enjoy it’s ambiance by dusk.”-Jamila Idris

“Consistent response to ability is best,the road to success has many test.”-Rachel Charles

“The ground may be hard to till, but rain definitely will make it soft to chew.” – Rudolph Adidi

“Leave the dream and live the dream” -Adetoba Adeoye

“Ride now the wings of pain, tomorrow breeds the glorious gain”-Vera Bonny

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