We can never go wrong.
How did we never going wrong get so wrong?
A few hits, lot of smashed dishes and a little blood spill, the pain is taking so long.
I missed the converted expressed feeling of you missing me.
But a day gone isn’t so good, a few more days will kill me.
This is my last surviving breath saying “am sorry and I miss you”. Hypermind
I envision us in our home,
Telling stories to babes on foam;
My hands held with yours,
We can overcome the storms.
Trials will come,
In grace we glide like eagles we soar.-Rachel Charles
The school bus blaring its horn
kept interrupting our secrets of whispers and fun.
Shall I write you in Shakespeare’s lost words
letters that will hold your love on strings of guitar chords?
I will have a house and you will be my home,
so I will arrive and leave when I feel I should come. – Rudolph
Dinner was served. I felt like i had ate.
Who taught this heart to feel hate?
October comes late
While i resign to fate
Fake smiles to get by
Hope no one notices this lie.-Vera
You’re beautiful.
And to me a better sun than the moon.
I could spell you in a letter
Because hot can be cooler than cool.
The start died for the end to come soon
I’ll let you fly; I’ll be the added feather. – Leon
‘We can never go wrong.
You’re worth more than silver and rubies,
Every time you smile, darts shoot forth.’
That was what Sally said
before I smashed her heart to smithereens! -OracLe
“The sunlight reminded me of your radiant smile”
Gone will be the days i wait up for the sunrise.
The light in your eyes became my doom,
Smile long gone with the sun,
Never to rise again,
Beauty lost, nothing to gaze upon.-Hijab Gurl

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  • Tee2emm

    August 31, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    Beautiful pieces littered here.


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