Ode to Possibility and Friendship

The sun is out, she’ll kiss the moon
The moon tonight reflects the sun
Who said light and dark won’t form a bond?
From the very moment there was light
Dark was lurking seeking the right time
In this world of opposites, thrive and clime can meet in time
As sure as the African sun
We remain a cobweb spun
Tomorrow is sure with our pill of patience.
As an African warrior
I don’t need a pill
Courage me to chew herbs.
Pills kill, but herbs
Like friendship, are life giving!
Thus we salute to possibilities
Reach is the destination
Courtship is the height
Waters that break birth new life.
Let colors now be sound,
so the we will see the wind birth.
How many eyes shall we have?
The mountains always kiss the skies
Wide blue eyes peering down on them
Will they ever agree to touch?
Friendship hurts
Friendship heals
Possibility kills the pains.
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