I met a new friend today under the rain
By the end of our lives
He had extracted all my knives
I realize bonds are sometimes worth the pain
Bond is a Rispetto
Pain is a Nonet
Between lies the Sonnet
To disrupt the concerto
Concerto will haunt this guitar
when fingers smooch the wood,
Tears will follow this mood
when music becomes an incalescent pabular
Pabular interests shared, we hold
The idea that what’s meant to be
Will be, see
Together forever we will grow old
Old to renew our bonds and bones
We could cash both on the stock exchange floor of friendship
As we sail backwards on time ship
Collecting the artifacts of memories strung with different emotional ribbons.
Ribbons of this love cuffs us.
As your words dig deep into my brain.
Feasting on my senses,leaving it plain.
Exposing the fool in we,while i stay focus.
Focus isn’t strong but true.
In conditions with little time.
‘fore I get tangled with more than 4201, I see am still in my prime.
So I hope this bond isn’t just for two.
Two hands held the cup of love
Their hands they pierced
Their blood they smeared
And read the vows to an early grave.
Two hearts wished their love to save
Their hands they pierced
Their blood they smeared
And read the vows to an early grave.
Grave swallowed the human
With the work of his hands
Buried in sync
Which fights nor rejoices greatly
Greatly sore were the circumstances that saw this tie.
But I am Bond
James Andrew Bond
All else but this may speak the lie.
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