Hurray To Chanji!

All our thunderous cheers
Have been reduced to a grinding whisper
If onions draws tears
Why do we cut through it and whimper.-Vera
It’s been a week of African proverbs,themes and poets writing.
Hurray to the oracle!
Carving words triggering the brain into fighting.
Hurray to the obstacle!  =Bangwan
Ibukun has found the spot
Every head must assemble at the village scene
The meat that stays too long in the pot
Ends up in the dustbin. – Leon
If we could see the morrow face
I faith our plans will diverse
So we are left guessing in different lace
We conquer every adverse. -Rachel Charles
All hail change, market prices having a filled day
We must have woken up on the wrong side of the chain
That day still recalls the euphoria in spite what we may now say.
Over Abel, let’s celebrate with Cain. ~ Tee2emm
The elephant’s body is feeble, his trunks are shrinking.
Since the grasses became dry, no fruits and no sun.
The ears of the world got infected as the poor were praying.
In this time of horaah! Will the elephant die by a gun – Rudolph
If it’s as exciting as the strange new feel of change is,  pour me up some tequila.
Fire works,  gun shots, explosion,  what’s this so much noise ?
The final spit of the last shot hurts,  are you trying to kill her?
I bow on bent knees, hands clapped praying this chanji  let’s us have a voice.  Hypermind
Adulation for words spoken
In the heat of thoughtless mantras
People longed for something new even if broken
What do I know but my refusal for thoughtless banters. – Jenni Dafwat
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