Leonell EchaFebruary 17, 2017

One is a loud piece of dark thunder striking every dead line existing in a mind. He is a simple complication. This is a winged spirit of a ghost appearing to disappear like words fading on a page. He is a complicated Peace. This one builds a sky and stitches it to his name His […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 17, 2017

This day, I took off my shirt to write out what bothers my flirt. The night came with little light as I realized his fingers did a little mime. When I met him, I had a dark festoon. “Is this what I prayed for?” were the thoughts that fed my cerebrum. What is it about […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 16, 2017

I fear the hands of this night crawling in Let’s build a fence to shield us from her dark Her gaze hooks heavy. These blinds shouldn’t wear thin Her color like air sips through crevices Today has walked off too soon. Tonight is whistling on her mark. The world can afford to wait a minute […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 14, 2017

She spilled the clouds on the big blue sky and removed the sun from in between her legs. She sailed from the string holding night to light carelessly caroused her throat before her peers. Whenever she saw them looking at her nipples she would giggle them until their mountains shook. I read these tales and […]

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