Poetry: Before Sunset |R2BsL


I fear the hands of this night crawling in

Let’s build a fence to shield us from her dark
Her gaze hooks heavy. These blinds shouldn’t wear thin
Her color like air sips through crevices
Today has walked off too soon. Tonight is whistling on her mark.

The world can afford to wait a minute
Would you keep me this far from your lips?
Can i ask you to take it or leave it?
Will my hands agree to distance from your hips?
Let now be the day after before sunset.



Before sunset,morning wore a dusty face
Smooching skins with cold lips and hands
Caressing souls from head to toe
painting dark skins light,and light,grey.
Before sunset,the sky was bright with no light

Before sunset,the sun was vigorous
Wearing a harsh tag sunny mask
With heat rash flashing on faces
Before sunset, morning and day
Had breakfast and lunch on same table.



Papa was trapped in the rays of the lazy sun
he spoke how his moon didn’t shine his way.
When he found a pond, he dipped his feet for a son.
There came my brother, a resemblance to weigh
Before sunset came, this used to be the tale.

My tiny sins knelt pure before the priest,
it bottled up his throat of absolution.
He didn’t imagine I would become a cyst,
So he told me Jesus’ whip offered solutions
and before sunset he prayed for my little tail.


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