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I have started best selling stories.

Somewhere in these books
I would get lost
In scripted memories
Of happenings I thought were just…
Reliving page after page.
An incident of age.
A rampage
Of facades.
A flattering…
A charade.
I have lived through the best pages
Of sweet hunting memories.
…[W]alked corridors of happy endings.
I have seen the most beautiful being
Walk from the end of a scene
Through to the beginning of the same
Old, age long, old fireflies
Razor sharp, frosty cold stinging butterflies.
I have tasted the sweetest medicine
When death my door knocked down.
I have witnessed the resurfacing
Of nightmares I only recall at dawn
When a new beginning comes along.
And I have enjoyed the ride
His side and her side.
I have raced the tide.
Gracefully I did glide
Through a bumpy vengeful ride.
Held on to moments
That could never be captured in a picture.
I have loved without regrets.
Acted without redress.
And thought that I had reached my crest
Feeling comfortable lumps inside my chest.
Tasted victory at the back of my tongue
From a kiss that lasted through a song.
I have smelt roses within thorns
So pungent and so strong,
Being pricked by it when I held on.
I’ve willed that an hour could last forever.
Fallen words like eggs to recover.
But here I stand
With a lasting taste of the end
And I can still smile.
I still believe in light ahead.
I would travel miles,
Carry faith in a pile
And unload them in the face of doubt.
When I hit a barricade, I’d just reroute.
I won’t stop
Or give up.
I won’t change, I’d get better.
Sometimes i get bitter when I hit a glitch.
Other times, I am my own light switch.
I may be lost for words
Hold out many shiny swords
In the face of a harmless one,
But I’m sane, I swear.
I’m the same old shit on a different day.
Your sunshine in the month of May.
I may smite or caress
The back of your neck;
Reach inside your dress…
I know happiness’ address.
And sometimes, it resides inside my chest.


© Oluwadamilola Agboola


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