Poetry: LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender)


I made a covenant with my coward soul
To hush my lips when reason eludes me
I will be last to throw a holy stone

First to sit on a bloodied prickly fence

They call you deranged, void of sacred norm
You who fell out of accord with nature
They say you make fun of love and her force
Lust too is disgusted by your bravery

The world sentences you all to Sodom
Gomorrah, the pot your nature stews in
Your blood and head on a tray of remorse
A clear message to your alien hormones

You are the mirror reflecting likeness
Showing we all have tampered with nature
Yours glares, a different type of meddling
A reason for anger and repressed shame

Yet we all contemplate in agony
To await an end that clears confusion
A sinless God to light us all in flames
For sin broods this realm, everyone guilty…

Omolola Onigbinde


Today i lust after my own body.
Same flesh,erecting fast my emotions.
Same sex,rejecting my moral lessons.
Jumping into the hole of destruction.
Eyes of my thoughts only see nakedness.

Making love to unbelievable acts.
Justifying wrongs,clothing them with facts.
Planting and cultivating private parts.
Wining and dining with wrong spoons and cups.
Carried away by ill moves,sounds and curves.

Young and old crying out loud for same sex.
Rod kissing rod’s lips, holes licking up holes
Telling nature you have made a mistake
That must be corrected by one gender
Regardless of sodom and Gomorah.

Today I heard of she who was once he
Willingly submitting herself to her
Old self to feast on,just like she use to.
Today I have seen he who was once she
Not struggling to squat but stood up to pee.



I have found a new demon in disguise
The wine it offers is sipped in pink lies
A moment of lust has fought commandments
Command me to taste her and see my smile
Gathering of freedom and simpletons

I have found a new demon in disguise
For my hands pricked nipples in various sizes
Tongue waddled like an infant craving cream
My diary housed the Bruce Jenner dream
Gathering of freedom and simpletons

I have found a new demon in disguise
Pause and study your sweet affliction ties
Play around your eggs, ride up in blue flames
Put pen in pots and stir your filthy crown
Gathering of freedom and simpletons

I have found a new demon in disguise
Fondling breasts in many seconds she died
In exchange She died in robes of pleasure
Lips by lips we broke the norm of Sodom
Gathering of freedom and simpletons

Rachel Charles


Born as one, they lived off as another
Determined, they spread their idealism
Soon embraced by a better half of us
A trans blunder though to a bigot some
Some turned a blind eye to their existence
Their number grew to a surprising sum
Crowded community of an odd mix
That a boy should adore the colour pink
Girls who prefer girls their company keep
Mama cried when Dada walked in her shoes
Sexuality and all of its woes
Welcome to the 21st century
Where humans fight for their rights, right or wrong
What is normal, but a confusing norm.
A husband of 2o years just turned gay
I may just look handsome with short cropped hair
Gender came with choice, i chose chaotic
Now in constant dilemma, who am i?
I admire a girl, i should kiss one right?
LGBT alphabet or numbers?



I read the first chapters of the good book
I saw Adam, Eve; stars of the first sky
A clayey with life; testaments of earth
Both as one, birth their kind of different kinds.

Seeds grew on fertile soils instincts watered
Wombs longed for seeds for fears of the without
Regenerated generations sprung
All was normal, emotions were intact.

Then, Sodom held the hands of Gomorrah
Back to these lands distance forgot its paths.
Of no wonder, queens hate the touch of kings,
Kings love the taste of a man’s hairy chest,
Princesses adore a feminine kiss
And enchantment from the lips of a prince.

For those who begot morality’s gifts
On trees and closed boxes sense made common
Immorality is detestable
Like rotten melons on unrotten tongues
At points civilization tweaks bitter
For sweetness from the roots of western trees.



I may not believe in things you believe
Should that be the yardstick on which we live?
I may lust after waters in a bowl
But you prefer yours in a slim bottle
The choices we make must be our choosing

We make our beds, but others make our graves
A man is entitled to what he craves
I may be straight where you have dents and flaws
That will never mend my own broken wing
Who’s decision is what is right and wrong?

Defiance to biology and norms
We are eaten by evolution’s worms
Should this be considered another phase?
Man lusting man, Bree yearns to feel Pam’s curves
Singing same song, just in different words

What if we all pleasure in our make up?
Man would’ve found a lid for his big cup
If the maker made us with chance to choose
That same chance to choose we must never lose
Future shouldn’t be fed to swine of wimps


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