Leonell EchaMay 29, 2019

From the corner of their street,you could hear the loud sound of the music played from the sound system with very big amplifiers. It is usually the latest release from our state owned super star, Orlando Owoh. As you approach the house, you can hear her ,singing alone loudly with the musician, she could have […]

Leonell EchaMay 28, 2019

AKAKARORO The man spread his arms from the driver’s seat to press down my breast. I tried to move away, further in to the passenger seat,but there were two of us on that seat, the only option I had was to bend a little bit forward to protect my tiny breasts, the size of a […]

Leonell EchaMay 27, 2019

Gliding swiftly, as if being guided by an unseen hand, the rogue balloon dodged between the highest branches of the park’s tallest trees. Not once was it hit by a flying frisbee or land tangled in the awkward wings of a duck, flying toward the water’s edge. No, it rested, not by force, but by […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 18, 2019

Mama isn’t interested in politics at all but she loves to listen to manifestos every time on television. She said it gives her hope for whatever government was coming next and even though they don’t fulfill their promises, she just loved to fantasize about its possibilities. She acts like she isn’t bothered when listening to […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 14, 2019

My grandfather lay there covered in poop that did not hesitate to embarrass an old man. We were back home from one of those hospitals we often visited. Strangely, his doctor said he’d improved, before adding that he may not be long. We took turns to wait on him: Eric would cover Monday to Tuesday […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 14, 2019

My mother reminded me that life gives you everything including those things you do not have. But you do not have to waste any of what you are given. “Put out the fire, Tomide. We do not have enough charcoal. It is only in this house that i see children wanting to have their baths […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 13, 2019

For the love of political parties, people would sacrifice their lives. I couldn’t really relate. How do they come to doing that? I had felt even for the candidate, the best i could do is sacrifice a chicken. But i wouldn’t even do that. He wouldn’t be needing any of my kindness because soon as […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 11, 2019

We didn’t think we needed a war to untie the limitless possibilities surrounding us. We didn’t understand what it meant to keep guard and watch over a neighbor’s house. Everyone was bothered about his own business and safety, not minding whether his neighbour’s grand mother who was rushed to the hospital returned safe and sound. […]

Leonell EchaFebruary 1, 2019

Speechless I watched him walk into the restaurant, looking like an angel that just popped out of heaven. And in that instant, every sense of reasoning I had evaporated from me. Something kept cautioning me to remember why I was there. Yes ! Oh yes! The contract. I tried so hard to concentrate on what […]

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