Everyday Problem

Death is not a problem
Life is risky
Risky in every way
Way of life
Life styles
Styles without forms
Forms full of puddles
Puddles with no rain
Rains that bring heat
Heat in the noon
Noon at dawn
Dawn all around
Around my folks
Folks alive
Alive at death
Death tolls
Tolls this morning
Morning counted two
Two gone already
Already for a place
Place where visa
Visa not needed
Needed is sister
Sister to rejection
Rejection is the name
Name of poems
Poems i wrote
Wrote till dawn
Dawn till now
Now till eternity
Eternity has no address
Address the people
People ought to know
What can
Cannot be
Be done or
Or not here
Here is there
There is where
Where to
To where
No problem is.


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    July 28, 2022 at 11:01 pm



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