Everyday Problem

she has rights
she gives consent
consent to sex
consent withdrawn
withdrawn from pain
withdrawn from interest
interest revived
interest dead
dead and buried
dead like a penis
penis controlled
penis is to sleep
sleep and not rise
sleep or use a hand
a hand to control
a hand to wank
wank if you can
wank if you must
must cum
must not join fools
fools may fall
fools that rape
rape is disgusting
rape is a sin
sin to humanity
sin to the abused
abused will be lost
abused will be sad
sad for pleasure
sad and be sorry
sorry for thrusting
sorry for trusting
trusting with body
trusting any man
man is at fault
man you represent
represent proudly
represent rightly
rightly as you could
rightly as you should
should not try harder
should take no
no need for force
no assumption
assumption is wrong
assumption na crime
crime na jail time
crime no know big boy

Tomide Abdul

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