Reply to Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’


I just want to live

sometimes, looking to go left when everyone
else goes right is just a sign of foolishness.
on the right, there are rites and lights to guide
one onto worthy paths if one is willing to ignore
the skies and remember gravity – rise, fall, rise.

Tomorrow, I won’t be classified as a man who
inherited a fortune, but of course, I’d be a man
who inherited wisdom to know that making
hay, while the sun shines, isn’t always fair.
sometimes, make hay when the moon is out.

I want to one day tell my story somewhere
in between insanity & calm, of how folklores
are just the life stories of a gone generation
and a new dispensation is here, and to grow,
we must accept the new normal, or abnormal.

I doubt if I ever want to walk the road less
followed or the road mostly followed, I just
want to walk hastily in the rain, walk slowly
under the sun, admire ornaments of nature,
and be a happy man that defied all odds.

Tomide Abdul

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