Love in a person

How do you drink
without locking lips with the glass?
I will never have pot holes
filled with emptiness
knowing fully well I am a road for you.
You know the sweetness of honey
yet you compete daily for who is sour.
You started as lightening
then faded into thunder rumors .
I only see a flash when my eyes are closed
and suffer the repercussions of percussions
echoing from a dull light.
Full moons are crescent stars who think they shine
like you do,
but you’re only a porous net
that hold weak memories.
You know the oceans that write my name
you know the clouds that fan my flame
yet! You’re sore and swollen
flat and furious
far from friendly furs of
soft kisses and romance
lust thoughts in sultry pots.
a sticky rain of runaways and goodbyes.


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