It starts with a screen that’s blank:
a fella with thought says his bid,
and another with opinion offers it.
Then the one with thought retorts;
your opinion, you should shove up your ass.

Ah, I’ve always wondered,
the thought process that goes –
through the minds of these trolls,
who injure and cause woes,
by throwing words at their foes.

They tear you apart with their electronic claws
If they were you, they will be drenched in undiluted flaws
I see men with brown teeth, preaching about mouth odour
The world will keep spinning regardless of their tantrums
Humans will always be “George (Judge) Washington” and that is the conundrum

Trolls, Trolls! See how they patrol!
Surfing the internet out of control.
They’re weary and tired someone should console
Their lingering fingers are clearly the moles
They’re livid, edgy, and care less for your soul.

Rogues of the virtual world
Beasts of the folklores
You hurt with your bitter words
Not today trolls
You can’t get me to growl


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