Leonell EchaSeptember 22, 20192min1460

Deep in Earth


I remember falling and the thoughts that followed,
your gaze with concern,
slowly morphing into a smile:
it is this I’m committed to;
to with you, fall into earth, deep…

Do not cross these vengeous men,
with glassy eyes and full stomachs.
Their pockets are lined with dirt,
and their minds concoct devious lies
Else you’ll end up in the earth, buried.

The end to a journey.
The billionaire is pushed in a trolley
The account still reads 7 figures.
The end credit is evident like blockbuster movie.
Plant him now, His cadaver is not a friendly company!!!

They conspire,
They connive,
Your wristwatch and mother earth plan a feast
The black angel invites you to attend it
To attend the feast in her deep, dark chest

An assembly of men in fear
Stoked and drowning in tears
It’s the loss of one so very dear
Their laughter will tonight clash over glass of beers
Quickly forgotten is the man covered deep in the earth down there.

In earth, deep
my love has sunk and left me.
And like a seed cared for by the rain
I seek before the face of the sun
that she’d sprout and become a giant tree.


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