My love


If you’d hate, please show it.
Pick up a brick wall, aim it at me
Do not be afraid to throw it.
To forgive is to be mad
And still be madly in love.



For the longest time i wished she was mine.
And then It all started with a smile.
Yes!, the type of smile you see from a mile.
No woman can ever be like her.
My love, my world, my life, my wife Aisha.



You are the peace portion in my Syria like state of mind
The calm in my chaos, my solace in despair
I call you binary, for you make every day count
In your eyes i always see a better version of me
Cupid is on eternal duty, I love love because you love me!



My love for you will never die
so late at night and here I lie
Musing with my fickle heart
With you I hope
To never part


My wristwatch
My beautiful beautiful wristwatch
Since I’ve broken your glass face
I’ll endure the sight of your metallic cover
My Love.


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