The Exodus


I called to her attention with ease.
I am that man that seldom use the word “please”.
I am trapped in a maze with a blueprint at hand.
I am dealing with the fastest animal, A cheetah to be precise.
Today i mark my exodus! The beginning of the end.



My stressor, my antioxidant
My elixir, their poison
My sweet wound
Don’t let my sweet wound’s scar hurt
My exodus.



The path of freedom is plagued
With angry men and looming death
The hopeful future is distantly vague
Doomed souls await with bated breath
Until God parts the sea, and they are free



When the residents moved out,
they moved in.
It was as quick as an eye blink.
They had circled the arc as they imagined,
Only they never really moved.



The first page opened with ease
A letter about men in shackles
The exodus of a story on peace
About the innate evils they tackled
The last page i dread to open,for swords have left the sheaths.


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