Bad Vibes

Remember that time I told you
Of the man in the French cut suit
The colour of navy blue
Or black with a bluish hue
I can’t seem to remember anymore



“Elena wake up!
If i can’t sleep, you can’t.
You make me a miserable ant.
How were you as an infant?
Urgh!!! You are why i hate to love myself.”



He is my trigger-happy friend
Whom I told I have seven lives
Who has given me six head shots yet
If he has many more bullets
How many more times can I live?



Perched on many branches
Birds of many beautiful colors
Scattered all over the hilly ranches
Singing about this thing called love
The crows came and scared them off in batches.



Today i met a provocateur.
We engaged in a telepathic mind duel.
His looks was drenched in contempt and prejudice.
His is like red oil, always hostile to a white fabric.
Bad energy! stay far away!


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