Reconcile a while


She kept praying to the devil about his demons.
She wants to receive aid but she is armless.
Her fortress is gate-less and the intruder is relentless.
She is on a bitter odyssey with a ornery creature.
The doorbell rings again! The monster from hell is her mister!!!



The bite of steel on aged limbs
While the corruption seeps in –
Waters become troubled
And the air has become odious
Man cannot reconcile Earth.



Streams of age-long rifts
Flowing with Pisces of vendettas
A poison to every life they touch
Can we meet at the confluence
In a bid to reconcile?



A man can love a man.
A woman can a woman because she can
Penance for a sinner, prayers for a saint
Everything looks cleaner with paint.
The why is what we never reconcile.



Time won’t stop tickling you
Remember to laugh
Time won’t stop stabbing you
Remember to wince
Time won’t stop reminding you to remember to reconcile.


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