Decaying today


Our genesis was found on a ground of heresies.
Ignorant of the emphasis of our evil tendencies.
Synopsis of how our lives regressed under hypnosis.
We lived our lives on excesses and romanticized with our menaces.
Now we are forced to live with our nemesis as our lives rot away in the abysses.



The hands of time are moving
The seal of lips are loosening
Gone are the the old restraints
And the world is going insane
The beginning of moral decay



Verily, i say
Hopelessly i pray
But nothing in this garden is good use
The harvest is rich only for the refuse
Something sacred has soiled the soil.



I dwell in a time when a carcass can be beautiful.
Chaos and tribulations can be bounties of blessings.
My Mind is filled with stretchmarks like the stripes of a zebra
This form of pain is indeed very joyful.
I just buried another bad feeling, rest in peace to religious sentiments!


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