Pack up and leave! (With Audio)

I heard a woman at the door
She has never been here before
Her skirt was down below her knees
With eyes like she was Japanese.
She came to see my roommate Ben,
Who just saw off girl number 10
I would not let a stranger in
She’d insist so I let her win.
She sat waiting for Ben to come
He did with a girl chewing gum
He was so shocked his keys had fell
I watched, listening to M’s Martell.
“Oh Ben”! She said tears in her voice
“Paid for your school but see your choice
I work a farm, you hoe about,
I heard the tales but chose to doubt”
Ben’s Mom was hurt but wouldn’t cry
To say sorry, Ben wouldn’t try.
I knew that Ben won’t have a will,
He’ll pack and leave or pay his bill.

Younglan Louis

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