Mazi, It’s Enough. Please Sit Down

Mazi John, I have been so pressed,
And can no longer hold my piss.
Zip it up. I did come for peace.
It’s enough to say enough once.
If man is deaf, repeat it twice.
Tell him! All wars come with a price.
So please, don’t take off your jacket,
Even though I know man is hot.
No! This man is losing his nut.
Over and over again though!
Understand, while you sit down still
Grab the mic after the other.
Hold on! It’s now your turn to speak.
Please and please don’t scratch every itch.
Listen while you speak. Mind your pitch.
Eager should you be with patience.
All angry birds still sing softly,
So beware really of your tone.
Easy comes with nothing at all.
Save your strength for something worthy.
I know how boiling rings can be,
Too hot to handle, when circled.
Do take it slowly with your fist.
Off the flames. Lets end with a feast.
Where opponents trade blows for toast.
Nothing’s new if wars end in peace.


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