How I look at Tribe and Religion

Holy people, look at your book
On the type of lives those things took.
Weigh on all our sins from the start

It will be a storybook art.

Look at ‘Tribe’ from the word scrapbook,
Opening its hateful notebook.
Order your steps from the heart
Killing us is the part of the dart.

At the end, religion can look,
Travel our minds by hook or crook

Tease our sad thoughts till we depart,
Resurrect our dumb minds to smart,
Inject sickness in our guidebook.
Believe not all from a cookbook
Everything taught splits us apart,

Ask questions, don’t be a sweetheart
Nothing unanswered has a hook.
Deny the truth, there’s a sourcebook

Reading all is a good upstart,
Evolve your saints, soul that spare-part.
Leading people leads to a brook.
In case of war, use a checkbook
Guide your knowledge, guide its small nook,
Interested enemies will fart
Over your vision and your chart
Never mind the false pocketbook


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