Molded By The Creator?


Let there be!
No pride intended, my pace is divine,
Unlimited, so even when the sun goes down, you’d still fashion me out of diodes,
Fashion me out of sticks and stones.
I am embodied in a man, that sheds light like leaves from an autumn tree,
I am the hanging sun when it both smiles and frowns,
I am the dripping moon with the fragrance of milk,
I am the burning star with a passion of a youth,
I am in everything with a shadow,
Everything with a dark spot,
I am humans chance at being alive,
I am the life of life,
My weakness is darkness, which can be healed by a flicker.
At the beginning of my walls end the walls of fear,
And the end of my walls they begin again,
Yet, I have no beginning and no end,
For even the night has its own light,
Even a dark heart has a place where it sparks.



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