Why Did You Create Me?


Dear God of little things,
I thought we were alone on this earth
Deep in our hood, it’s just us and the stored food,
Why are we this beautifully small and black?
Do you love us more than the giants?
Are we supposed to feed the giants?
We’re gladly invisible to the eagles
But how about you make us a bit bigger than a cockroach?
Would this require a change of name from ants?
Everything is heavy to lift in this state
A crumb of bread, a dead lizard’s tail, a giant’s fingernail,
The sun is too heavy for our frame, the rain washes us away,
The giants so called breeze is always a hurricane
Do we have any love on your scale?


Why don’t you love it that you are small?
You cannot be sacrificed, can you?
Only time you sin is when you steal sugar,
And we will never judge you for theft
Would you like a day with man?
So he reminisces how sweet life is
And how prone he is to hell, every second?
Do you mind a day with a ram, goat, cow and chicken?
Those who are always a subject of slit throats,
A cockroach is always running for his life,
Mouses are scared of cats as cats are scared of dogs,
Jungles you admire has animals chasing each other for food;
You barely have any fear, why then complain?
We created you to show man what unity can do,
If we didn’t love you, will Noah have cared?

Wildkhard [TA]

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