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Who is this man I made?



How good does fire burn?
With education, why have we refused to learn?
Why work for weeks unending with nothing to earn?
Why fight for rights when all our rights are left turns?
What use are good examples, what use is it to yearn?
What use is being simple, what use is being stern?
Why are they soon forgotten, all those lost in the war?
What are we living for? Is living a circus tour?
What will be the punishment if these words we will ignore?
If you already resurrected, what are we dying for?
How is this totally up to you?
Religion and these ethnic cities, are they the monsters too?
What good do the angels do? How bad? Are their demons true?
What if God is asking these too?
If God be for us, who’s he against?




The fire is an ever lasting hell, but it’s not meant for you
Life is the school, education is not for learning
Is the race for the strong,
Is victory for the swift. Why are you fasting
Why turn right or left, I’m the only way
Look up to me, a single eyes cannot go wrong
I came that you may have life, my yoke is light
Can living be a circus tour, I made you a man not a monkey
Why would you look to punishment, when you can look to life everlasting
I’m the resurrection and the life, the only way up is down
Did I ask you to join a religion?
I only ask that you follow me
My angels will keep you in all your ways
Don’t give the devil a place, he will take two
I’m the Lord, I do not change
Why then do you change your mind ?
Why do you change your ways, all the time?
If you are for me, no one can be against you,
I, the Lord, will make them fail.


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