Who is this man I made?

I have no understanding of whom or what you are.
And i hate what I do not Understand.
I had hoped that you will whisper in the wind
And talk to me like you did with Moses.
Is t true that you are all knowing?
What should I believe, freewill or destiny?
Are you a good God or is Good God?
Is it fair that some people should go to heaven and others hell?
I know that as the heavens are far from the earth
So are your ways from my ways
And your thoughts from my thoughts
But come on God, you are harsh sometimes.
You just sit, cross your legs, watch us and Jill us?
Don’t you get bored of that routine sometimes?
I get bored of being human most times.

Younglan Louis


I am that I am, know this alone,
do not lean on what you know.
I spoke but your heart was colored in silence.
There are a lot of Moses, but no burning bush.
It is true what I say it is true.
You’re man, it is all your wit should know.
Men gave me names, what do you call me?
Heaven or hell, all I want is what is good.
Time is not your problem, understand that
In my image I likened you,
I walk pass your corridors but your doors never open,
What is your routine my son, why do you sin?
Why have what I made become a flesh of questions.
If you are man then reduce to your light,
My doors are open for all your questions,
before I answer these ones, here is one.
Why have I placed you on earth?


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