Who is this man I made?


Dear God, can you hear me behind those clouds
Where you seat in your throne made of fine gold,
Shiny glasses with a host of winged creatures to your call
Can you grant me a short trip into the wonder you own
Let me share of that glory you keep to yourself
My world feels like a coconut shell
Without flesh or water that people pursue for gains.
Why create earth if we would still come to your heaven?
Why create us if this is how much pain we’d feel
They say that you’re God, and can do all things,
Are you happy at how people burn out like thread without wax?
Why create the man to kill another?
The ground to open up and swallow without remorse
If you’re God like they say,
Why create the man to sweat and toil without reward?




Those thin veils cannot shroud me
I am everywhere, on and off thrones
I’ve made ministering Angel’s to convey your requests
My glory is before you, there’s no need for your heart to wander
The earth is an alarm to remind you
Don’t wrap yourself in shells, bloom
My spirit is a covering to protect you
You’ve ruined this Eden, so I made you a heaven
The tempter’s snare has wrought you pain, it was never the plan
I see all, everything is mine and exist from my breath
To burn is a choice, most willingly jump into the abyss
I made man god and gave him, he exercised it by taking lives
So I let the ground swallow him and his wickedness
I am the master of creation
And I’m coming soon with my reward.


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