About Me

I used to be the book that dusty old book on a shelf
That one that no one cared to read
The slightest thumping can send me back to my shelf
I carried myself like an invisibility cloak.

I believe in my dreams, even the ones I’m yet to have
Those promises were the glue that held me in place
My name would be eroded without my faith
But I held on mysteries greater than my fear

I seem to be tough, but my heart cannot hold a grudge
Not even the gorges created by betrayal, can drive me to bitter lengths.
Forgiveness is the lens through which I view my world.

I’m good at leading a horse to river, then leaving it out to dry
Don’t let my smile deceive you, they can drive deeper than bullets
Next time you cross my lane, watch out for the quiet streaks

I know a lot about movies, the screen is my addiction
I dream of making them, some day this lot will hatch
Ask me about actors, their names will roll of easy
Give me a book, and I will paint new worlds.

I admire athletic bodies, you don’t have to take it literally
Exercise helps me blow some steam, ask the clock when last I ticked.
I fantasize about flat tummies, and curves the size of eight
The last time I ate, was on every odd hour.

I like how I laugh, it’s the most sincere thing about me
I won’t lie about my frowns, they show up plenty.

If you here that I am a snob, my aura chooses for me
If there is no connection, no need severing one.

I am rubies and all that is precious
I do everything with the whole of heart
I am art, love and a beautiful piece of poetry
I am the good the bad and the uncanny
I am the myth, and the rising legend.


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