How i write about myself


Beautiful, flirtatious, vengeful, Kind
The daughter of Eleshinla, the master horse rider, and I’m still loving you sister Doing, the spirit of laughter
Lover of dance, sonorous songs, and fromtomfrom, the master drum
Escastic ,teary eyed but gay in spirit
My soul soars when I write, my tenses better when a table is set before me ,food and wine.
My only desire being love, love and more love
As all I get is what is what I give,
Love, love and more love
For I fear a city without a cover, security or hope
But looking up to a city yet to arrive,
Where help, salvation and joy come from
To enjoy a heavenly city, pure, paved in gold
Decorated in white garments, a crown on my head, covered in glory
My face plastered with joy unspeakable,
My mouth filled with good things .


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