About Me

I used to be an unidentified flimsy organism.
My planet was quite large, very small
It was named “first door to the right after the living room”.
But now I’m an alien to that space.

I like school for the fun and friends,
It’s amazing how I have just one
But when it’s time to read, I am tempted by works of art, poems and fiction.

I believe in trying till your brain starts to doubt if you’re doing the right thing.
I believe failure helps you go back to the maps and sail back to the loop holes.

I seem to be social, someone comfortable in a crowd.
No one knows the speed of my pulse in those moments.

I admire superheroes, their confidence, their strength.
I admire published authors and the pride they feel seeing their books on a shelf.

I know a lot about myself. I know I’ve trained myself to accept defeat, I know the pain I can or will feel is nothing like the ones I have felt. I know I’ll fight this earth.

I like the sight of food. I’m not this slim because I don’t eat a lot, but I don’t eat a lot. I like the fact that a lot of people think I’m a foodie. I like the colour grey. I like the scent of my eyes, even though I have to cover them with another pair of eyes.

I am not awesome, or perfect, or one to know the right things to say at the right time. I am LARDO


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