When Pets Fall in Love


Doris was my best friend . We met at a friend house and became instant friends.
She came wagging her tail at me , sniffing round my ankles. Doris was with members of her family, but unlike them, she had a glowing golden colour ,with black circles around her eyes . Her ears stood always at attention, and the coat around her body was fluffy.
I guess it was love at first sight for both of us, the attraction was mutual.
As she sniffed around my ankles, I bent down to ruffle her fur, she became more excited and wagged her tail around me.
I asked to be introduced to her and my friend told me she was yet to have a name. I called her Doris .
In a couple of days, I was able to take Doris to my house having built an adequate place for her.
Doris was loyal,faithful, caring and would defend me with her life .
She followed me everywhere, within and outside the courtyard of my house, and a constant feature at the backseat of my car.
Doris was very intelligent, knows her dining area and would also restrict herself to her washroom.
However, Doris was not friendly with outsiders, and this aspect of her was always of concern to my guests. They imagine that she should be equally friendly towards them ,but she was not .
Of course, there were other unscrupulous people ,with evil intentions, whose access to the house was made impossible because of Doris . So, they killed her.

One Sunday, we went to church, and we got back, we found her in a complete state of disarray, she came towards me,to let me know she was in pain, she was dying, Doris was poisoned.
I rushed Doris to the vet, but they could not save her,they fed her with poisoned meat.
Doris died, looking at me,with questions in her eyes,that I had no answers to.
I went into a semi colon, before my life went into a perfect full stop.
My entire household was upset and we cried.
Doris was buried in a grave, near a stream, close to the house, believing, that there, she would find some comfort.
Doris would have been fifteen years now,if we didn’t loose her.
I still miss her, the pain wouldn’t go away .


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