Something Broken

the wrong type of words said with the heart.
Shutting off the grid that lights the ship.
I’ve always been sorry but Alexander Graham’s invention is not enough.
Words from the heart are pure, when it enters the enemies ears it is spewed as vile.
Shocked like the NEPA of Warri.
Destabilized as the airline owned by the Government of Nigeria.
I only loved you is what you never heard and I wish you didn’t say what you said with colors that denote grey. I am so sorry.
I said I loved you is what my many words didn’t relate to you, I just wish you wouldn’t cut off cause I’m so sorry.
Time heals and I am healing, I hope you are so we build better bridges for our kids.
A poem of 30 days with an incense of truth, love and harmony.
Happy you’re in a safe place.

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