For Goodness Sake


For goodness sake
use the door.
Use faith that follows the wind.
know the shield holds no grudges
with the sun in its mind.
Inspire the reasons for becoming night,
gather the complains of your dead heart.
Let these words reiterate to allow songs in your soul.

For goodness sake
Do it not for love,
tell nothing about kisses that become rosy,
nothing about sand representing death
at a council of ancestors.
For goodness sake tell not of these,
not the sound of those who plea,
not the itching of those crawling tears.
For goodness sake,
make peace with one that is pleasing
use psalms that hurt and are of sorrow
tell it with no joy becoming a home.
Hold steadfast a smoke of truth,
let lies not body the saints
For goodness sake
don’t become another youth
whose life was lived for him
whose shoe was worn by the cripple,
those whose hearts speak but their skins do not move.


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