For Goodness Sake

Would you kiss my honey coated lip?
Would you let me slip and strip a little bit?
Would you forgive me when I wrong
When I lose my mind and go overboard
There sure is a certain certainty
About how I feel about life and you
You know we all are walking a thin line life
So permit me if I fall once in a while
Watch me screech and scream a little longer
For goodness sake, please help me up.

For goodness sake,
Where has forgiveness gone
I’ve searched through the eyes of born Men,
Through the feelings of dead ones
A little wrong attracts a little wrath
I always thought I walked a different path
Never imagined I would hold on this long
“Let things go, we can better”
These words would fill my night,
And rob me of feeling aggrieved.
For goodness sake,
Don’t I deserve the same quota I give?

Victor Oyedele

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