This April Heat


Why is the sun trying to cry?
we are not heroes to it’s shedding skin,
there were fears for the tears coming this year,
or at least we’re counting how old the sun is in this millennium.
We have felt your rays like a tickling feather
hoisting our pores to love the naked wind.
Na wa for your vex oh, dey try shine teeth
so we don’t grow into Maiduguri’s candles.
Before you think of what you may
How do you feel seeing these mortals bare?


Is it a good thing to see these mortals bare?
Shey na naked we come and na naked we go return.
The tears of the sun has poured out on earth,
laughing at us as it flows on the cover of our bodies.
The rain is only missed when the sun is high on love;
Or maybe there was a leakage in hell.
The fan too is vexed; so it blows heat too.
Water to bathe doesn’t dare come close to the heater.
Science said it’s heat wave, gramma insists it’s the end of the world.
But at last won’t we all be alright?

Younglan Louis

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