Kids These Days


Was i not once a kid?
Oh adults, how you know so much of nothing.
They want you to grow up faster than daylight.
Like a warring eagle
I tore at the aged children of this earth.
I spoke back, i spoke loud, i spoke proud!
We’re everything and the solution’s problem.
Their reprimands are not unacceptable
But are we as aware as adults are not?
When will everybody grow?


Was I born with broken bones?
A stubborn kid with wings of a horse,
I flew into danger like cotton wool and fire
Agree or not, kids these days are born free.
To live off their parents, to sue them for birthing them.
They give the law a face of God and call it heaven,
suck on baby moons between themselves while been weaned.
Sssssh don’t wake their inner adults
or you will answer the questions posed by their cries.
Mummy, who is my real Daddy?


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