April Fools


Is April a good time for fools?
Please pity this Psalmist and pray he agrees
That it’s alright to guide and mislead
So sons could father their fathers again.
If April will choose to school its fools
Then few we’d find in the teeth of the tease.
As much as it’s fun, it’s fundamental
To do to the wise what you would to otherwise.
But this is just the Lego family.
Who is wise enough to be called a fool?


Who is wise enough to be called a fool?
Maybe the father almost murdered by his daughter
who told him she was pregnant for his son.
Or the farmer who watered the weed instead of the crops.
Firstborns often are filled with folly,
so April first is meant for them;
with time it will become a Holiday
to celebrate the world’s greatest fools.
Bring your plates let me serve you my thoughts;
What if Lucifer gave Eve the Apple on April fools day?

Younglan Louis

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