Words to the clergyman

I Leave You to Karma

Tale of a never ending pale drama-
From tithe boxes to your purses,
When next God calls you, put on loudspeaker
So all can see it’s diverted,
Spoke all the ears itched for; thanks for deceit,
Vague words of motivating lines,
Erected a school the poor can’t attend
For wards of most con men to learn,
Patience you claimed you have is your girlfriend,
I remember those Sunday quotes
Calling men sinners for having a crush.
Caged minds in them bigotry traits,
‘Bird box’ eyes from self explanatory truths,
I am at home now cause it’s time,
No one to tell my regrets, but I curse
Every time I believed your words.
Have fun all thou can but I’m sure thou knows
that good and bad has a reward,
There’s a well recorded script for all man,
God is one to never forget.

Wildkhard [TA]

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