Children and Childhood

Me , Tolu and puff-puff.

Seven came with a lot of experimenting . I wanted to try everything and at the same time be everything. I wasn’t the brightest student in school , neither was I the strongest . I had practice the act of keeping my cool and it payed off on the day Tolu stole my food.

Tolu was lousy and proud , always making stories that where obviously not true. Unity was a common school but theft was one thing the authority didn’t condone; it brought upon the culprit expulsion.

My story has it that we were all out for sport one Tuesday , every one was on the field except Tolu .when the class representative was asked where he was ,he reminded the teacher that Tolu had a running stomach.

On returning to class for break I met the absence of my food. Trusting my instincts I confronted Tolu who admitted to his crime. He begged that I kept it between us , he promised to pay for it the next day. I forgave Tolu and I never spoke about it, that was how Tolu became my best friend.


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