Children and Childhood

The Beginning

I was the best sheriff in the hood. All my peers knew me when it came to hide and seek, I always won. “You’ll make a good lawyer.” Mama Aboy, our neighbor once said to me. My mum always said the same too. I could talk from dusk till dawn, as long as I had a listening ear. Until one day when my landlord, Mr. Taofeek asked me: Mind joining Skolak (his computer school)? I wasn’t interested at first but had no option because Mum had already agreed.

At the age of eight, computers became part of me. Most of my classmates in the computer school were students who recently wrote WASSCE and were awaiting admission. I was nicknamed genius Abdul, because of my age, and how fast I was learning. I wasn’t allowed to graduate with my set, so I sat with different sets every six months for five years to receive same lectures I had already received, and do same assignments I had already submitted.

I stopped playing with sand, firing rubber band with peers, hide and seek. I also temporarily stopped being inquisitive. Whenever I was asked what I wanted to become, I always replied with – Computer scientist or lawyer.

Wildkhard [TA]

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