Imagine Nigerians

Imagine bigotry having nothing to drink,
Granting mindful thoughts ‘freedom to think’,
Imagine sights of win without envy,
Each perfectly understanding time’,
Mother tongues to causing no divide,
Clerics not scamming, claiming to revive,
Politicians not loading trucks of lies
To transport to minds of citizens apiece.
Even the bible reads ‘Let there be light’,
Everyone with their access to equal rights,
Son of ‘no’ becoming ‘some’ without help of ‘any’,
Where unity isn’t when we watch the eagles team;
Instead a land of loot and share,
We rather a chance for youths and fair,
And have every accusing fingers free of sin,
Freedom of asking, and finding what we seek-
If only truth on its own could learn to speak,
The Nigeria I imagine, will be here, at her peak

Tomide Abdul

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