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EB writers described


So EB decided to have its writers interact with one another and bring out as much as they can about themselves after being paired. The result is fascinating!!

Just maybe you might learn a thing or two. Enjoy the read below!


Scary Little Light Lilian Adekunbi Ruth Darasimi Ogunsuyi (LARDO)

Before that night suggested anything to her mother, this little cherub had decided why she wouldn’t wait another minute to come out. So just as India announced her freedom at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world was to be asleep, Lilian blossomed and awoke to life. It is probable that she didn’t even cry, and her mother wouldn’t have known why. Perhaps, that was a trait of someone who would grow to become left-handed.

20+ years after, Ruth is fast growing into a lady whose spirit wanders on pages of books, in crannies and nooks, wandering further as she looks to find a befitting place to settle her feet, to open her mind, hoping she’d find why colours make things beautiful, and why the dark isn’t the safest of places to hide.

Standing in between two pillars, she could choose to call herself the entrance to what researchers would call the Ogunsuyi dynasty. But her big brother and little sister are pleasant surrogates since mum and dad went away.

History and international relations to me wouldn’t have been a great choice of course of study for Darasimi, but, she’s neck deep and fast approaching 24 months already in that field. Hopefully, she would find out why we are where we are from antecedents and either blame it on our international relations or blame it on our level of alcohol consumption. Either way, I know the course won’t teach her that it is better to strive for cleaner living rather than better medicine. But on her own, one day, she’d find out.

I could go on talking about Lilian Adekunbi Ruth Darasimi Ogunsuyi (LARDO), but I won’t. The irony though is, if you’ve seen her, you’d know why “‘LARDO’ shouldn’t refer to an overweight person somewhere.” And more intriguing, if I may, is that she was born on January 18th. I was born on January 18th too. We are talented, skilled, smart, a handful and pretty much skinny people.

Thank you.

Writer: Leonell

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