The Door Opens At Both Sides

Do yours comme ci, I’ll do mine comme ça-
Dear sinner, be ready for hell,
Whenever trumpet rings the bell.
A gossip to the other:
You a sinner, you gossip different;
A thief to the other:
You a thief, you steal different;
A liar to the other:
You a liar, you lie different.
When we point fingers to judge,
Three others points back at us
With our thumbs either up or down,
Pointing the heaven or the grave.
Every foot with its path to walk,
Don’t even know yours, why then talk?
Actions are judged to intentions,
You know what you see, not what is true.
Behind doors you slammed the other day,
Lies another, another …and another,
Waiting to treat you a better worse way-
All you see is not what mind should say

Tomide Abdul

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