Water and Water


Water: death and life

Does the water quench out your thirst?
Or does it try to drown you first?
In the water is my reflection
Making the sun a deflection.

I love how it drips from the sky
On days when all our eyes are dry
When wet, the wind will find you
In the sea you’ll see hues of blue

The colour of earth during rain
How the gutters struggle to drain
With mud the children love to play
And make small houses with the hay

But when water falls on water
They became one and don’t falter
Some days you think the roof will fall
Morning comes, and its standing tall.


Title: I need not a wife

I recall the first time we met:
My eyes, swollen from painful tears,
Yours was pale, you already wept,
We were two heartbroken strangers.

My shoulder placed beneath your head,
Our fingers locked in each other,
As to our names, we didn’t bother,
All we longed for then was feel loved.

You were in pains from lies believed,
We were two lonely people in
Search for comfort. I gave my best,
You did the rest. Thank you, dear guest.

Here we are now, looking happy.
I love you. With your consent and
Much readiness to hold my hand,
We’d be a perfect pair in love.

Tomide Abdul

Life is Dying

Pour me a glass of cold water
Another glass of water, warm
Leave some for my Mother’s daughter
To prepare her for any storm.

Clocks ticks faster than a heart beats
Our wins weigh more than the defeats
Settle for best, we don’t have time
Taking too long is sure a crime.

Grass and water births greener grass
Hold a man down, babies would come
A dumb would rarely become numb
Life creates life, only life can’t pass.

What goes up must surely come down
Like the balls thrown out by the clown
While it burns, let the fire fan out
the wastes, time leaves without a shout.

Victor Oyedele

The dryness of water

Too much can become so heavy
If the weight is harder to rest.
But when we say we are ready
We then give nothing but our best.

A desert is a place that’s dry
With kinds of dusts that blind the eye
The magic we refuse to see
Is in the river and the sea.

That’s the way i open my heart
I embrace this part of my art
That drinks from the pour of rainfall
The stream, the well, i take all.

And the sprinkle begins to rise
We are left to battle with the size
I can live with an overdose
I just can’t live without a dose.


Water: Tears of the blind

Even blind men can feel great pain
but they cannot see dirt or stain.
Blind men can tell pain from a voice.
When they cry, tears pour with no choice.

One that lived in my street corner
He had sisters and a brother,
His brother died when he grew ill.
He cried, I wished my tears could heal.

He sat me down some good Monday
He told me how he cried that day
How he misses his brother’s laugh
He cleaned his eyes with a blue scarf.

I went home feeling very bad
how a blind could also cry
My thoughts then went to a madman,
I closed my eyes after my sigh

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

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