These Bandages


Be as i am.

Here’s how i came to be a part
Of what i dint intend to start.
When the gift bag was brought to me,
It was specified vividly:

“Use only for pain in the head”
It was bold on the pack of red
She took out the plaster and said
This looks a better tool instead.

Falling off the ladder was best
The first of an unfulfilled test
The crumble was what came after
Our choice to forget of laughter

When next you think of bandages
Ask yourself what part they’d be on
It’s one thing to bear damages
It’s something you’d want to be gone.


As good as it gets

There are wounds we cannot cover
We cannot see them with our eyes
From dreams we don’t recover
But we can douse them with some ice.

There are those who got to the moon
We don’t know how their journey was
For their shadow appears at noon
On their table, an empty vase.

Smile for the camera dear friend
We shall edit that missing tooth
Behind the curtains, a sad end
You are privy to your own truth

There are bands and there are band aids
Do not let one become bondage
A plaster should not harbour blades
You hurt inside when you manage.


Bandages look like wound

Ropes are meant for holding things still
They’re just ropes, call them what you will
Lions go all out, ready to kill
Wounds are bound so to aid them heal

Band aids just help to hold in place
The hurt’s stuck beneath its surface
Though they sometimes bind, they slow pace
Wear your aids but still pray for grace

To get support you need a friend
But some come to ensure your end
Don’t wear the bands of the don’t aid
Something must make a man afraid

Strike hard to hold it together
Be aware it may fall apart
Just make plans to regather
Fractures and band aids never part

Thomas Tee2emm Bot

December like yesterday

It’s one I’ll always remember,
The tenth day of last December.
I lost my Ruby on that cold night,
One who loved me with all her might.

With such heavy weight on my neck,
I stand, I sit, I turn, it hurts,
You ask about how it occurred,
You shall hear of my own accord:

To an extent, it was my fault,
I sped without using seat belt,
Thinking of those past traumas felt,
Till brakes failed, and I hit my head.

I woke up weak in I.C.U,
Was told I’ll get stronger with time,
But head injuries do take time,
Reason for these bandages here.

Tomide Abdul

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