My Stretch Level


When the rainbow begin to sweat
Is how I know I’ve reached the sky,
I become bounded by the lie.
I am a drop against the ocean set.
My complains have a tongue of their own
they melt my heart and every other stone.
Don’t wake my beating lips
don’t bring the past on replay clips.
My fountain is a desert sun
its scorching home will never make me have fun.
I do know how to rhyme well in time
with the pains, and the hills I climb.
How I stretch farther than the wind
is a faded myth starting from the hind.
Sight some sorrows stealing salty sweets
Take tours throughout teachable treats.

Ruddapoet [TRCP]

How far does it go,
The length and width of an ocean
The stretch of heaven and the man on earth.
Every finish line is a starting point in reverse
Beat the man or get beaten
The competition is stiff
The competition is for one
Me against my own world.

You better turn deaf to what the birds sing
Bloom i seek in and out of spring
To touch the heart core
And keep the dead body count score
Bend I will to meet up
Broken, i never give up on this cup
Pour me more till i pass out
I’ll wake up and clear any doubt.

Victor Oyedele

Ni kekere:
Ama’n shere,
Ama’n f’awon agba agba shere,
Ama’n mu ere.

Who could shoot far was a challenge
Thrown amongst contemporaries,
Different talents with rubber bands
Striving to see whose go the farthest.

There was always a first and last,
With determination, we shot again,
It all looked a funny play at first
Till growth came and it’s time to gain.

Life, a replica of what we played
When we kept aiming for further,
Lose this time, win another,
There’s no limit to success meter.

Water your fears with motivation,
Fall a moon, shine a star to rise a sun.

Tomide Abdul

When we were young:
We used to play,
We even teased old people
And ran away.

Balloon clouds stretch across the skies
Spelt my name in white and blue
Hold stress and bad memories in equal ties
And let Christ be the balancing pew
Beyond tearing eyes and aching backs
That soar to sleepless nights and hungry days
The muse my soul lacks
And how I find them in mysterious ways
Take love to mercury
It burns to ashes daily
Take pity to bars
Its a badly dressed wally
My stretch level is the width of the skies
The distance of the winds
I hope my heart complies
Concede me if I have sinned.


Temper is short but can stretch for long,
Sometimes it breaks and sometimes it’s strong.
Over little issues it might just flare;
And when boundaries are crossed it might not care.
And other times it is the other way around.

Stepping on toes is not a good thing.
Live simple and listen to birds sing.
But do not forget to love and always live,
Do not neglect to feel and and also forgive,
Anytime the elastic limit is reached.

Never look down so as not to be looked down upon.
Never you frown when amidst friends you stand alone,
Learn to learn lessons and the differences of souls.
Learn to keep your cool while long mouths poke your hurting soles.
But when it stretches for long, go get yourself a gun.

Younglan Louis

For one wondrous thunderous minute
I stared at the face of my lender
I was murderous murmurous and ready with a rivet
Dragged dementia from her door to the center.
In furtherance of an act so slanderous, i felt
Deep in a tatarus the thick of misnomer should melt.
Cover after cover the cover kept opening
Soot after the smoke that broke open the spin
Inside something was trapped
And a burst was worse to release or be snapped.
There was no one here to preach
To these mad metal faces
Each calm became a leach
Sucking from different places
Until we murmur in silence away.


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