Title: Missing Link

Before she grasped age six, her life already seemed like an eonian muss. This tiddler, orphaned and molested, genuinely craved that earth, sky and life be seen at a distance when she’s ascending into the arms of God. Far from the musk of humans, far from the farce of existence, but all her suicidal blueprints mocked her.

Schooled with constraints. Something was missing. In her smile, in her day to day tasks, and she knew she needed to find it. She tried friends, family, church and food, and though she found some sort of delight in their mines, the puzzle wasn’t completely solved.

It was her! Until she realised that she was lost to herself, until she looked deep and found that the echoes were coming from a hollow inside her, she realised she was the missing link. Dusting herself up, finding her voice, fighting her dark demons, choking negativity, she could eventually connect to integral parts of herself.


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